Injection and Infusion Syringes

LFA First Response carries a range of infusion and injection syringes products to the Australian medical industry and associated sectors. We carry a range of medical-grade needles and injection syringes for healthcare professionals including Luer lock syringes (inclusive of latex-free options, hypodermic needles and mucosal atomization devices). We also provide additional accessories, such as syringe pickers. We provide high-quality products which meet the standards expected by the medical industry so you can ensure you stay stocked up on essential supplies.

LFA First Response also carries infusion injection products for healthcare professionals and whether you require a complete drug delivery system or individual components, we can meet all types of infusion needs. We stock IV solutions, infusion pumps, IV needles, transparent film dressing, IV portable stands, tourniquets, IV kits and other accessories.

LFA First Response stock bone injection equipment for the delivery of fluids and medications at flow rates higher than IV injection. We stock adult and paediatric bone guns which are designed for a rapid and accurate access to the bloodstream when traditional methods of access are not possible. A bone injection gun will deliver medication through the bone and directly into the marrow and can be used in place of an IV when a vein can’t be found. For example, bone guns are often used if a patient is in shock. We also stock bone gun storage bags, bone gun reloading kits and bone gun injection training kits.

LFA First Response specialises in providing wholesale medical supplies across Australia. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and we take the time to provide customised solutions for products you can rely on. For infusion injection and injection syringe products, contact LFA First Response today for a quick quote.