Medical Glove Dispensers

LFA First Response stock medical glove dispensers to assist with easy access to disposable gloves and other disposable medical supplies that you need. Our powder-coated medical glove dispensers come in a single or triple frame and allow for simple storage and convenience for medical gloves of all sizes. With industry-leading responsiveness and speedy supply, speak to LFA First Response for bulk medical supplies.

Our convenient medical glove dispensers allow for the storage of gloves of all sizes and make gloves easily accessible at locations such as hospitals, clinics, first aid rooms, kitchens, cleaning rooms and doctor’s offices. Having a glove dispenser in place means you don’t have to look through drawers to find what you’re looking for and allows for medical gloves to be within easy reach. Our glove dispensers are easy to install and come in two sizes depending on your needs.

LFA First Response is a family-owned Australian business that carries a wide range of first response products which have applications in a number of industries. We have the ability to create customised supplies depending on your specific needs, while also ensuring that your workplace complies with health and safety regulations. We provide knowledgeable and timely customer service so you can be confident that you’ll receive your supplies as quickly as possible for optimal convenience.

LFA First Response carries a comprehensive range of medical supplies including nitrile and vinyl gloves, safety glasses and splash gowns, safety jackets and face masks. Our experienced team can offer support and guidance as to the best products for your needs. For more information about our medical glove dispensers, contact LFA First Response today. If there’s a product you need that we don’t carry, simply ask us and we can help!

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