Thermal Protection

LFA First Response stocks a range of thermal protection products from reputable suppliers which are an essential item during many search and rescue scenarios. We carry blizzard survival bags, thermal blankets and heat stress trackers which can make a huge difference when it comes to survival. Our thermal protection products cater to babies, children and adults so you’re prepared for every scenario. 

Thermal protection products can be used in a range of emergency situations, either due to the difficult weather condition or due to conditions such as shock. 

LFA First Response stock thermal blankets and wraps to assist in the retention of heat by trapping heat in and preventing temperature drop without the requirement for multiple layers. 

We also stock full-size survival bags which provide total warmth and shelter in an emergency situation. 

Survival bags are completely wind and waterproof which makes them a must-have item for outdoor enthusiasts and rescue crews.

Along with thermal protection products and survival bags, LFA First Response also stocks the Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker which are specially designed for fast and accurate measuring of critical weather conditions which have the potential to cause serious and life-threatening heat stress injuries. The temperature is accurately calculated from on-board digital sensors with no requirement for tedious setup or maintenance and features an easy to read backlit display. With the Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker, you can accurately monitor and prevent heat stress-related injury. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

At LFA First Response, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high quality wholesale medical supplies at a competitive price. As an Australian owned family business, we understand the importance of catering to your medical needs and offering excellent customer service. 

For more information about our thermal protection items, contact LFA First Response today. 

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