At LFA First Response, we carry a range of pain relief and medicines, including Mersynofen tablets, which can be used for pain relief for a number of conditions such as headaches, period pain, allergies, cold and flu symptoms, bites and stings, indigestion and much more. We source our products from reputable Australian suppliers which means you can be assured of quality.

Pain Relief

We carry a range of medications to assist with the pain associated with headaches, period pain toothache, muscle aches and colds and flus. They can also be used to reduce fever. We carry a variety of paracetamol products including Herron, Panamax, Panadol, Panadol Rapid, Panadol Children We also carry anti-inflammatory medication such as Mersynofen Herron Blue and Nurofen which contain ibuprofen. We also stock Ponstan capsules to assist with period pain.


We stock antihistamines that can assist in the management of allergy symptoms, particularly in the spring months, with active ingredients including loratadine and fexofenadine. Along with antihistamines, we also stock products to assist with stings and bites including Soov cream and Stingose gel.

Colds and flus

Along with pain relief tablets, such as Mersynofen tablets and Panadol, to assist with the aches and pains associated with colds and flus, we also include additional products which can make life a lot easier during the cold season. These include Strepsils to assist with a sore throat and Vicks VapoRub to assist with congestion.

LFA First Response stocks a full range of pharmacy items and offers a fast turnaround when it comes to delivery so you get your products sooner. For more information about our range of pain relief and medicines, including Mersynofen tablets, speak with LFA First Response today.

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