Alka Seltzer Pk 20

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Alka Seltzer

LFA First Response stock Alka Seltzer in a packet of 20 tablets. Alka Seltzer tablets provide fast and effective relief for pain associated with headaches, body aches and pains. Alka Seltzer is a soluble effervescent tablet which can be easily dissolved in a glass of water for on the go pain relief. Alka Seltzer tablets are pleasant tasting and provide fast temporary relief from a range of pain-related problems including migraine headache, tension headache, toothache, back pain, arthritis, period pain, and symptoms of cold and flu.

Alka Seltzer is perfect to keep in the medicine cabinet at home or to throw in your bag for easy pain relief on the run. Use Alka Seltzer tablets only as directed and speak to your healthcare professional if symptoms persist. 

For Alka Seltzer Australia, contact LFA First Response today for a quick quote. 


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