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LFA First Response is proud to stock a range of medical supplies from the leading first aid manufacturer, Aero Healthcare.
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Aero Healthcare

Aero is one of the world’s leading medical and first aid product manufacturers. Thanks to their top quality products and years of delivering supreme patient outcomes, Aero Healthcare has now set the standard in Australia as the benchmark for quality.

For further information on the Aero products that we stock, or if you’d like to discuss your specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at LFA First Response today.

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Specialists In Wound Care

The first aid products and wound care supplies that Aero produces have been used in a diverse array of medical settings. Aero Healthcare produces a wide range of specialist wound care products, including:

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The research, design and development teams at Aero Healthcare have helped them to build a reputation as an industry-leading first aid supplies manufacturer and wholesaler.


Always looking to constantly improve and innovate in the medical space, Aero Healthcare has worked with countless medical professionals and organisations to help surpass patients’ needs.


The team at Aero Healthcare strive to produce life-saving products where the patients are at the core of everything that they do.

Featured Aero Healthcare Products

What Our Customers Say

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James (Operations Manager Rydges Resort)

I’ll be in touch for any future orders, you have been most helpful.

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Joelene Bizzintino
Fremantle Christian College Administration

LFA First Response have always been super helpful with product enquiries and the quality of their products is excellent. I was thoroughly impressed with the quick shipment of my order recently and I would highly recommend LFA First Response to anyone. Thanks.

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Stephanie Bowden – Thales

Very helpful, product arrived quickly and was good quality. Will recommend and use this company again. thank you.


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    Life Happens. Be Prepared

    At LFA First Response we make it easy. Our industry-leading response times, high-quality products with the longest shelf life, and our ability to provide specialist items such as wound dressings or off the shelf pain killers, combined with fast shipping make it easy for first responders to be prepared to provide assistance when it’s needed.

    We pride ourselves on being able to provide custom solutions to meet the needs of our clients, from first aid kits to fully kitted out medical rooms.

    And our industry expertise allows us to provide you with advice and guidance on complying with relevant industry legislation.