Bulk Hand Sanitiser

LFA First Response supplies hand sanitiser in bulk to a variety of different industries. In addition to portable bulk hand sanitiser bottles, we also supply hand sanitiser dispenser units and refill packs.

Bulk hand sanitiser is necessary for environments where hand cleanliness and the limiting of spreading bacteria is essential. Settings such as hospitals where people’s hands will encounter germs but tend not to be soiled or greasy are suited to using hand sanitiser.

Hand Sanitiser Suppliers

We are proud to be Australian hand sanitiser suppliers, offering people around the nation simple sanitiser solutions for their needs. We supply the respected brands of Aquim, Dettol and Our Pure Planet, which are all known to eliminate 99.99% of germs in an effective manner.

If you’d like to purchase bulk hand sanitiser, please contact the hand sanitiser suppliers at LFA First Response for a quick quote today.

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