LFA First Response carries a range of Aqualyte pharmacy products which is a low sugar hypotonic fluid and electrolyte solution designed to maintain hydration when the fluid has been lost through sweating and heat-related illness. We stock Aqualyte 25g sachets which are available in boxes of 50 and 250 and Aqualyte 80g sachets in cartons of 20 and 50. Aqualyte is available in natural flavours orange, berry and lemon lime.

Hydration for High Performance

Aqualyte is perfect for use in situations where sustained high performance is required, such as athletes and workers required to perform in extreme conditions. Aqualyte pharmacy products are absorbed rapidly and prevent the feeling of bloating which can occur with excessive water consumption during periods of physical activity. You can consume Aqualyte quickly and easily to ensure that you stay hydrated. Aqualyte is mildly and pleasantly flavoured and the fact they are not too sweet makes them easier to consume.

Can Be Used Throughout The Day

It’s essential to stay hydrated to ensure that body temperature is correctly regulated. Not only does this avoid heat-related illnesses, but proper hydration also avoids the risk of associated mental and physical fatigue. Even a small amount of dehydration can impact mental and physical performance and in athletes, it can have a significant impact on training and competition performance. Aqualyte prevents fatigue and increases the absorption rate of both fluid and electrolytes. Given the correct balance between electrolytes and carbohydrates, Aqualyte can be used throughout the day.

At LFA First Response, we stock a range of general pharmacy items such as products for allergies, anti-inflammatories, asthma relief, hot and cold treatments, pain relief and medicines and personal care. We offer unbeatable use-by dates on our consumable items which means you get more value for money. For more information about our range of Aqualyte pharmacy products, contact LFA First Response today.

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