Bone Injection Gun

LFA First Response stock bone injection guns which are an Intraosseous infusion device designed to inject directly into the marrow of the bone. We offer a range of bone guns for adults and children, as well as for veterinary practices. Along with bone injection guns, we also carry bone gun training kits to ensure that medical professionals are able to use the device quickly and efficiently.

LFA First Response stocks a range of WaisMed bone injection guns which offer rapid and accurate access to the bloodstream. They are available in models for adults and paediatric use and are sterile and ready to use. We also carry the WaisMed bone injection gun reloading kit for optimal convenience. For training purposes, we offer training bone guns for adults and children, along with a bone gun training kit which includes two bone guns, a reloading kit and an IV leg.

Bone injection guns offer safe, reliable access for an intraosseous infusion and are a spring-loaded device with a trigger. Bone guns offer the ability to quickly deliver fluids and medication through the bone marrow for patients of all sizes. When intravascular access can’t be achieved, particularly during emergency situations or when a vein cannot be found, intraosseous access can be used with the assistance of a bone injection gun. The range of bone guns on offer through LFA First Response are safe, reliable and easy to use in extreme situations.

LFA First Response is a family-owned business with a focus on friendly, efficient and helpful customer services. We offer advice and guidance to ensure that you receive the right product for your requirements. For more information about our range of bone guns, contact LFA First Response today.

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