First Aid Kit Plasters

LFA First Response stock first aid kit plasters which are an essential item for first aid kits. We stock a range of detectable plasters for your first aid kit which are specifically designed for the food preparation industry. We stock detectable plasters in strips, patches and assorted shapes, detectable fingertip and knuckle dressings, and visual strips and strapping tape. Additionally, we stock x-ray detectable plasters.

Our range of detectable plasters and strapping tape sticks securely to the skin and are resistant to water, oil and grime to ensure that the wound stays protected. Our detectable plasters are not only easy to spot due to their blue colouring but are detectable by most metal detectors used in the food industry. This means that contaminated food can be quickly identified with minimal fuss. Our detectable plasters are hypoallergenic and easy to apply for maximum comfort and protection. The conspicuous colour means that our detectable plasters are more difficult to ignore if they happen to come off during food preparation.

LFA First Response carries a range of wound care products that have a wide range of settings in hospitals, clinics, schools, workplaces and the home. Our products include a variety of dressings, gauze swabs, bandages, wound closures, first aid plasters, tourniquets and medical tape. With our range and quality, you’ll have everything you need for your first aid kit and we have stock on hand to ensure speedy supply.

LFA First Response that our customers have different requirements when it comes to first aid kits which is why we offer customised options depending on your needs. Simply speak with our friendly and knowledgeable team and we can help. To find out more about our range of first aid kit plasters, contact LFA First Response today.

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