LFA First Response stock a range of bandages which can be utilised across a number of applications. LFA First Response only sources materials and products from reputable and high-quality Australian suppliers. We stock a variety of bandages which are designed to support a number of medical situations.

Cohesive Bandages
We stock cohesive bandages which have the unique ability to stick to itself but do not stick to the skin, hair or other materials. This means it can be easily wrapped around wounds and fastened without the worry of it adhering to skin or hair.

Conforming Bandages
We stock conforming bandages which have a high amount of stretch. This makes them perfect for use on high movement areas such as joints and are commonly used for injuries such as sprains. They are breathable and lightweight for optimal comfort.

Crepe Bandages
We stock crepe bandages which are used to reduce swelling, relieve pain and provide support. They are generally recommended for low support requirements and can be used for dressing retention which means they keep gauze or wound pads in place.

Triangular Bandages
We stock triangular dressings which is a versatile dressing which can be used in applications such as the immobilisation and support of arms, shoulders and ribs. They are a strong bandage which makes them able to support the arm or shoulder.

Tubular Bandages
We stock tubular bandages which is an elasticated support bandage used in the treatment of sports injuries, dislocations and sprains. They can be worn over an extremity to secure a dressing and is comfortable dressing compared to other options.

At LFA First Response, we’re prepared to meet the needs of the Australian medical industry. For more information about our range of bandages or for a quick quote, contact LFA First Response today.