Crepe Bandages

LFA First Response stocks a range of crepe bandages in a variety of settings. We stock high-quality medium, light and elastic cotton crepe bandages which are commonly used for low support requirements and to keep dressings in place. Crepe bandages can be used to reduce swelling, relieve pain and provide support. With industry-leading responsiveness and stock on hand, we can have your first aid kit ready to go with minimal fuss.

Our range of crepe bandages are a versatile addition to your first aid kid. They are commonly used for strains and sprains and can be used for compression. Wrap the crepe bandage around the injured part to reduce swelling and restrict movement to prevent further damage to the area. They can also be used for light compression to stem bleeding and keep dressings in place. It’s important to remember not to tie the bandage too tightly to ensure the blood is still able to circulate. Our crepe bandages are washable and reusable. Crepe bandages are soft against the skin and are made from absorbent material.

LFA First Response stocks a full range of wound care supplies to ensure that you can respond to injuries in a timely manner. Our wound care items include bandages, plasters, dressings, tapes and tourniquets. All of our products are approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration so you can be assured of quality. We also provide customised first aid kits depending on your needs.

LFA First Response carries a wide range of high-quality first response products at a competitive price. Our experienced team can provide advice and guidance as to the best products and equipment for your needs and quick supply means no long waiting times. For further information on crepe bandages, contact LFA First Response today.

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