Medical Suction and Airway Resuscitation Equipment

LFA First Response stock medical suction equipment and airway resuscitation equipment to assist in the removal of bodily fluids for use in clinical or surgical settings and for the treatment and prevention of obstruction to the airways. We carry a wide range of high-quality cannulas, airway guedels and i-Gels, manual pumps, and oxygen valves and tubing which can be used in settings such as hospitals, aged care facilities, day surgeries and home care.

Our range of airway resuscitation and medical suction equipment includes:

1. Oxygen nasal cannulas

2. Airway guedels

3. Airway i-Gel

4. Bag valve mask resuscitators

5. Disposable catheter mounts

6. Disposable face shields 

7. Intersurgical clear-guard breathing filter

8. Keyring face shields and gloves

9. LFA Airway Kit Softpack

10. Oxygen valves and tubing

11. Reusable CPR face masks

12. Y suction catheters

13. Manual suction pumps

14. Oxygen powered suction units

15. Ferno manual vacuum pumps

16. Yankauer suction with vent

Medical suction equipment can prevent pulmonary aspiration and clear the airway of blood, saliva, mucus, tissue and other secretions. It can also be used to suction fluids from areas which are being operated on during surgery. Airway resuscitation equipment can be utilised in patients who are suffering from acute respiratory failure, acute airway obstruction or individuals undergoing general anaesthetic. LFA First Response understands the level of urgency when it comes to high-pressure medical situations, which is why we stock high-quality equipment to ensure the best help possible in these scenarios.

LFA First Response provides wholesale medical supplies to the Australian medical industry to ensure you’re prepared for any emergency. For further information about our airway resuscitation equipment, contact LFA First Response today. Our comprehensive range of products ensure that you’re prepared for any scenario and if we don’t have an item in stock, we can help you get it.

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