Wound Dressings Kit & Wound Care Supplies

LFA First Response offers a wide range of high quality wound care supplies including bandages, plasters, dressings, tapes and tourniquets. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will take the time to ensure you have the right wound care supplies for your requirements and can provide advice and guidance on relevant legislation compliance if required.

We are an Australian family business and pride ourselves on our industry leading response times, high quality products with unbeatable use-by dates and exceptional customer service.
We ensure we always have stock on hand so we can provide efficient supply to our customers whether they are based in Metro perth or remote Western Australia.

All products we stock are registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) of Australia and if we don’t stock an item you require, we will do our best to source it for you.
We source all our products from only the most trusted Australian suppliers.

Our Range of Wound Care Supplies

The bandages we stock are suitable for a wide range of uses. We stock cohesive, conforming, crepe, triangular and tubular bandages.

Transparent and detectable plasters
Available in a range of sizes and quantities (25 packs up to 100 packs)

We stock fabric, film haemostatic gauze, island, low adherent, military wound, plastic and wound dressings. All available in a range of sizes, types and quantities.

Gauze swabsThe range includes 8 ply gauze, cotton balls and applicators (quantity options range from 25-100)

Medical Tapes
We stock Aeroplast rigid sports tape, fixomull tape, kinesiology black tape, adhesive silk tape, elastic zinc oxide tape, waterproof zinc oxide tape, zinc oxide tape, adhesive paper tape and microporous tape.

We offer quick release, rapid stop, rescue bandage and sof tactical tourniquets in our range.

Butterfly wound, Leukosan strip steriles (range of size options and quantities available) and wound closure strips.

We take the time to understand what you need a product for, and how you are going to use it.

We can also provide customised solutions that will best meet your needs. Because our products have a longer shelf life you don’t need to monitor stock constantly or place orders as often. It also provides great value for money as you aren’t disposing of out-of-date supplies and also contributes towards ensuring legislation compliance. Most importantly, it means you’ll have what you need, when you need it most.

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