Safety Glasses and Splash Gowns

LFA First Response stock safety glasses and splash gowns that protect you against bodily fluid, dust, wind and other hazards. We carry a range of safety glasses, single-use face shields, disposable aprons, disposable splash gowns, and hairnets. Our range is designed to protect against infection and ensure the ongoing safety of workers in the medical industry. At LFA First Response, our team offer high-quality products at an unbeatable price.

Safety Glasses

We stock Vortex clear splash safety glasses in a box of 12 which offer protection against UV rays, wind and dust. They offer medium impact protection and feature a wrap-around style for a comfortable fit. We also provide Vortex smoked safety glasses which provide enough tint that you can wear in the full sun and offer high optical clarity. Along with safety glasses, we provide single-use full-face shields to meet the changing needs of healthcare professionals and medical staff. Our face shields offer a secure fit and comfortable design.

Splash Gowns

We carry splash gowns that provide waterproof protection against fine particles, bodily fluids and liquid sprays. Our disposable splash gowns are made from CPE and are both waterproof and lightweight. They are one size and have a tear back so can be easily removed without having to pull the gown over your head. One size fits all. We also stock disposable aprons to protect your clothes and skin against water-based liquids, mild acids and bases, bodily fluids, particulate matter, fibres, dirt, dust and grime.

LFA First Response understands the importance of providing our customers with high-quality medical supplies at a competitive price. We make sure you stay stocked with the products you need with speedy delivery and helpful customer service. For further information about our range of safety glasses and splash gowns, contact LFA First Response today.

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