Reusable Medical Face Shield (Infection Control)

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The reusable face shield is an effective way to protect yourself against the spread of bacteria and viruses. The LFA medical face shield does not contain any foam, which makes it more appropriate to sterilise and thoroughly clean each day.

Thanks to the one size fits all design of the reusable face shield, you’ll be able to adjust the shield to find a comfortable fit which allows you to wear it for longer periods of time.

Full Face Shield

A full face shield is an essential medical item needed in situations where a person may need protection for their eyes, nose and mouth. This becomes very important for reducing the spread of viruses, as it’s limiting the ways for the virus to enter into your body.

The face shield medical benefits extend beyond the user as well, with the shield limiting the amount of droplets that are being spread to people around the wearer. It can also help with lowering the chance of the wearer touching parts of their face and spreading bacteria around. In the event that a person is not wearing a mask correctly, a medical face shield provides an additional layer of protection for the wearer.

TGA approved product

Made in Australia

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1 review for Reusable Medical Face Shield (Infection Control)

  1. Georgette

    Great product, very comfortable! Gives peace of mind having extra protection from Covid-19.

    • Sarah Leeson

      Thank you for your feedback Georgette. Giving you peace of mind is our absolute pleasure.

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