Oxygen Kits

LFA First Response stocks a range of oxygen kits which provide everything you need for emergency resuscitation. Our oxygen supplies are not just for use by medical professionals, but also allow for trained first aiders to administer oxygen. Having the best oxygen kit available is essential to allow for quick response in the case of a medical emergency. Our range includes oxygen therapy kits, oxygen resus kits and separate kits bags.

Oxygen Resus Kits

LFA First Response carries oxygen resus kits which assist with advanced emergency resuscitation. Our oxygen resus kits include a 15lpm oxygen regulator, three adult and child therapy masks, BVM, reusable CPR mask, 4 pairs of nitrile gloves and a complete set of 6 guedel airways. Our oxygen kits also come with oxygen bags with storage pockets for additional equipment, along with a PVC option which is waterproof and easy to wipe clean. The oxygen bags also include reflective strips for clear and easy identification. Oxygen kits can be custom made to suit your specific requirements. 

Oxygen Therapy Kits

LFA First Response stock oxygen therapy kits which are designed to be used by individuals trained in oxygen resuscitation.  Along with items included in the oxygen resus kits, our oxygen therapy kits also contain an adjustable oxygen therapy regulator. This product features a small diameter body and offset gauge which makes it one of the smallest regulators of its type. With the added addition of an adjustable oxygen therapy regulator, our oxygen therapy kits are perfect for situations where oxygen therapy is required.

This kit does not include the C size medical oxygen cylinder. 

At LFA First Response, we understand the complex nature of first aid which is why we provide high-quality supplies across Australia. For further information about oxygen supplies, contact LFA First Response today.

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