First Aid Instruments

At LFA First Response, we stock a range of first aid instruments which have a number of applications across various settings such as clinics, hospitals, workplaces, and schools. We have a range of scissors, tweezers, forceps, scalpel blades, eye probes and dry shavers to ensure you’re well prepared. From carrying out medical procedures to stocking up the first aid kit, we carry high-quality first aid instruments which are sourced from reputable Australian suppliers.

Our range of first aid instruments means that you have everything you need in the case of an emergency. From a simple pair of scissors to assist with wound dressings following a minor workplace injury to scalpel blades for use by medical professionals, we have products for a range of settings. We also carry multi-purpose Leathermans which are portable multitools with a range of functions such as a knife, pliers and wire cutters. Our Leathermans come with an impressive warranty so you can be assured of the highest quality.

When you choose high-quality first aid instruments through LFA First Response, you can be confident that you can respond to a range of scenarios with the best tools possible. Our comprehensive range of medical supplies allow us to meet the needs of our customers and our industry expertise means we can provide advice and guidance as to the best products for your situation.

LFA First Response is an Australian owned family business with a passion for providing our customers with high quality wholesale medical supplies. We understand the importance of being prepared for any situation and we provide stock in a timely manner. For further information about our range of first aid instruments, contact LFA First Response today.