Eyewash Solutions

We are an Australian family run business and are leading Australian suppliers of eyewash solutions including sodium chloride eyewash throughout metro Perth and regional Western Australia.

Our friendly & knowledgeable customer service team will ensure you have the right products for your requirements – if we don’t stock the item you require or aren’t able to find a solution straight away, we do our best to get back to you within an hour. We can also provide advice and guidance on relevant industry legislation compliance as required. Our response times are industry leading and our products a high quality with unbeatable use-by dates. We can also provide custom solutions to meet specific needs.

Eyewash Solutions in Our Range

We offer a range of eyewash product options including eye drops, eye baths, eye pads and wipes. Our Gelflex Preserved Saline product is suitable for use on goth soft and hard contact lenses and comes in a 500ml bottle. Our eye drop range includes:

Celluvisc Eye Drops
Intensive dry eye treatment providing extra strength dry eye relief with high viscosity for overnight comfort.
Drop Eyewash Refill 500ml

Refresh eye drops
Preservative free eye drops suitable for irritated, dry and tired eyes and all contact lens wearers (available in a box of 10 and a box of 30)
Poly-Tears® lubricating eye drops
Provides a dry eye therapy for temporary relief of symptoms (e.g. burning, discomfort, irritation). Can also be used for re-wetting all rigid gas permeable and soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses.

Eye bath products we stock include the blue plastic eye bath and the Optrex eye lotion with eye bath. Our pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes come in a box of 100 and are used for cleaning glasses, goggles and face shields. They are also anti-fog and anti-static. Our saline solutions come in a twist top action bottle and are dust caps sealed for added protection (available in 100ml and 250ml bottles). We also stock sodium chloride eyewash in 15ml & 30ml ampoules and 30ml sachets that come in a box of 50.

Order Online Today
Ordering your eyewash products online makes it much easier to ensure your supplies are well stocked and not past their use-by date. We also offer fast shipping (free on orders over $350). You can also submit a request for a quick quote online too.

Or, contact us to speak with our customer service team about your eyewash solution requirements and discounts available for bulk orders.

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