Burn Sheets

LFA First Response carries a range of burn sheets in varying sizes which can be used in a wide range of settings. Burn sheets are an essential item for medical settings, the workplace, when caravanning or camping, and for the home to prevent infection and protect the wound site following a burn. Our burn sheets are manufactured from premium materials so you can be assured of quality in a first aid situation.

Our burn sheets conform to the body which allows for burns to be adequately covered and protected. They can also be folded or cut to size to allow them to adhere to burns of varying sizes. Our burn sheets are sterile to ensure that infection does not spread and are latex-free for a reduced risk of irritation. They have a low-adherent coating on one size which minimises the risk of sticking to the burn for minimal trauma.

The Role Of Burn Sheets

Burn sheets are an essential part of a burn first aid kit due to the role they play in protecting the burn site. Additional items that can form part of your burns first aid kits include burn gels, burn pads and burn dressings. It’s important to keep your burns first aid kit stocked with essential items so you’re prepared in the case of a burns injury. Remember to seek medical attention if necessary.

At LFA First Response, we take the time to understand what you need a product for so we can help you choose the most appropriate item for your needs. With unbeatable range and quality, we can assist with all your wholesale medical supply requirements.

For more information about our range of burn sheets, contact LFA First Response today. If we don’t stock a product that you require, simply ask us and we can help!

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