LFA First Response stocks a number of different first aid kits fit for a range of specific medical purposes. A first aid kit is an essential safety item that you’ll need in schools and workplaces to ensure you’re meeting the Health & Safety standards of your industry. Keeping you and those around you safe is a top priority and our first aid equipment gives you the confidence that you’re prepared.

Our broad range of first aid kits includes supplies for specific situations, including:

Remote areas
Snake Bites
Truck and Bus

We offer both portable and metal cabinet first aid kits helping to match your needs and ensure you have the right kits in place. Check that you have specific instructions inside the first aid kit which can help those to learn how to use each product and what to do when faced with certain injuries. We also recommend that you have instructions for looking after the different first aid kit supplies and instruments, so that they aren’t prematurely disposed of due to negligence.


If you need specific first aid kit supplies, such as EpiPens for allergies, make sure that you fully stock up on these to cater to the needs of those around you. For school first aid kits, you’ll need a range of medical supplies that are suitable for the types of school injuries you’d expect to see. Likewise, for workplace kits make sure the hazards that are present in your environment are matched with suitable supplies.

Our first aid supplies range from products such as wound dressings, ice packs and antiseptic sprays, to splints and eyewashes.


Our range of first aid equipment has been specifically put together for the purposes that they serve. For example, the Foodline catering first aid kit has equipment such as burn gel, plasters and wrapping tape to meet the demands of busy kitchens and the catering industry in general.

For a comprehensive range of first aid kits, choose LFA First Response.