Medical Gloves & PPE Kits

LFA First Response stocks a range of first aid gloves and additional personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals and other relevant industries. The appropriate use of medical gloves can reduce the risk of contamination from blood and bodily fluids and can reduce the risk of transmission of infectious agents to other patients and the surrounding environment. First aid gloves should be used during all activities which involve exposure to blood and other bodily fluids and should be disposed of after each use. LFA First Response stock cut resistant glove liners, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves and glove dispensers as part of our range of medical gloves.

LFA First Response also stock a range of face masks including surgical masks, single use full face shields, mannequin CPR face shields, reusable face shields, disposable CPR face shields, visitors protection packs, dust masks and reusable CPR face masks. Face masks act as a physical barrier to prevent droplets of bodily fluid that may contain viruses or germs and to protect both medical staff and patients. Face masks are not only an essential item for healthcare workers but are also applicable across a range of settings.

We also carry additional personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety glasses, disposable aprons, disposable splash gowns and hair nets. PPE helps protect against health and safety risks at work and helps prevent the spread of infection to healthcare workers by limiting exposure to bodily fluids. LFA First response provides wholesale medical supplies to the Australian medical industry so you’re prepared for any situation. All of our products are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia and we are proud to offer unbeatable use-by dates on all of our consumable items.

LFA First Response only sources materials and products from reputable and high quality Australian suppliers. For more information about our range of medical gloves or for a quick quote, contact LFA First Response today.