First Aid Face Mask

LFA First Response carries a comprehensive range of first aid face masks that have applications in a number of settings. We stock high-quality surgical face masks, visitor and personal protection packs, reusable face masks, face shields, visitor and personal protection packs, and CPR face shields and masks.

Surgical Face Masks

We stock a range of single-use surgical face masks which reduce the risk of exposure to infection or bodily fluids. We also stock the Proshield Soft FR Loop face mask which is specifically designed for healthcare specialists.

Reusable Face Masks

We carry reusable face masks which are an essential item with COVID-19 restrictions in place. They are made from comfortable cotton and can be easily washed for repeat use. They also have a specific pocket to fit a filter.

Face Shields

We stock single and reusable face shields that protect healthcare professionals and other individuals from saliva, droplets and other bodily fluid. Our medical-grade first aid face masks are lightweight and comfortable to wear every day.

CPR Face Shields and Masks

We carry disposable face shields for the safe application of CPR, along with mannequin CPR face shields for training scenarios. We also offer convenient keyring CPR face shields and a reusable CPR face mask.

Visitor and Personal Protection Packs

We stock personal protection packs which contain everything that staff need to get safely to and from work. To ensure that visitors at venues such as hotels, offices and corporate areas are protected, we also provide visitor protection packs to offer comfort and reassurance.

LFA First Response provides high-quality products at a competitive price to ensure you have access to the wholesale and bulk medical supplies that you require. We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and speedy shipping for optimal convenience. For more information about our range of first aid face masks, contact LFA First Response today.

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