Defibrillators & Equipments

LFA First Response stocks a range of defibrillators which are used to help restore a normal heartbeat by sending an electric pulse or shock to the heart. They can be used to treat life threatening conditions that affect the rhythm of the heart and will analyse the heart rhythm to decide if a shock is required.

LFA First Response stock reputable brands so you can be assured of quality in an emergency situation. Defibrillators are not only found in healthcare settings but are often found in public places such as gyms, shopping centres, public libraries, businesses centres, schools and workplaces. Defibrillators are generally centrally located and well signed. Defibrillators can be manual, which are generally found in hospitals for use by trained professionals, and automatic, which are often found in public places for easy use by the public.

Batteries and Equipment
LFA First Response carries a range of batteries and equipment that can be used with our range of defibrillators. We carry a number of batteries, pads, prep kits, dry hair shaver and cables. We also stock trainers and the associated accessories which can be used to demonstrate and practice rescue simulations. Additionally, LFA First Response carries the Heartsine Gateway WiFi Module which can be used to easily monitor the status of any Heartsine Samaritan Device.

Cabinets and Signage
Along with defibrillators and accessories, LFA First Response also stock cabinets and signage for easy access to equipment when required. From a standard wall cabinet to store the defibrillator to a supervised defibrillator cabinet which provides detailed instructions and monitoring, we have a storage solution for your defibrillator.

LFA First Response provides you with high quality products and customer service, along with speedy shipping and personalised advice. For further information about defibrillators, contact LFA First Response today.