NIO Guns

The NIO intraosseous bone injection gun is the quickest and most reliable way to achieve immediate vascular access.
NIO Needleless Training Device Paediatric

NIO Guns

Suitable for all clinical settings, the NIO gun is available in adult, paediatric and infant models.

NIO Guns are safe, quick and easy to use, requiring no external power, batteries or additional parts. Being pocket-sized and lightweight, multiple NIO guns can be stored in a small medical pouch for quick and easy access.

LFA First Response stocks NIO Adult, Paediatric and Infant, as well as a range of quality NIO training devices. Browse our stock, or contact our customer service team for assistance.

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The NIO gun is the superior option for fast vascular access in emergency situations. Having been developed with input from paramedics, emergency departments and first responders across the globe, the NIO gun is backed by numerous case studies and peer-reviewed research.

Advantages include:

  • Quick acting– vascular access in under 10 seconds
  • Safe, no exposed needle
  • Sterile, single-use product (reduces the risk of cross infection)
  • Ready to use, no assembly or extra parts required
  • No maintenance needed
  • No batteries or external power source required
  • Small and lightweight
  • User friendly
  • 5 year shelf life
  • Adjustable penetration length according to age
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Easy Operation

The NIO intraosseous bone injection gun offers fast, easy insertion that is safe for both the operator and patient. Simply place the NIO on the IO insertion landmark, turn the handle and then squeeze to activate and insert the needle. A mechanical stopper limits the needle depth to prevent over-penetration, and a number of in-built safety features eliminate accidental application.


The NIO bone injection gun is used to gain immediate vascular access for fluid and drug administration. Relied on by first responders in emergency situations and used widely in clinical settings, NIO guns are highly effective, safe and easy to use. Suitable for infants and paediatric patients, as well as adults.

Adult and Paediatric Options

NIO guns can be used on adult patients, as well as paediatric patients and infants.

The NIO Paediatric features an adjustable needle penetration depth, accommodating for a wide range of patient ages. 

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NIO Gun Training Supplies

LFA First Response stocks a wide range of NIO training supplies, including simulation bones and needleless NIO guns. Prepare your team to use NIO guns, quickly and correctly in demanding situations. Our training devices simulate real NIO application, making for comprehensive and effective training.

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