CPR Manikins
LFA First Response stock CPR training supplies and manikins which are used for CPR training, healthcare professional instruction, disaster practice and a range of other applications. These manikins allow individuals to practice for real-life situations and offer a correct anatomical reference point of what may occur in an emergency situation. LFA First Response carries a range of first aid training supplies and CPR manikins to cater to different needs.

Prestan Professional Manikins
LFA First Response stock infant, child and adult Prestan professional manikins. These manikins are realistic to the eye and touch. Prestan CPR manikins are easy to set up and are equipped with a monitor which can give feedback to both the student and instructor. For ease of transport, each manikin comes with a blue carry case and 10 lung bags. Prestan manikins are also lightweight for the ultimate convenience. Prestan CPR manikins and other CPR training supplies provide the confidence to students that they’ll be prepared when faced with a real-life emergency scenario.

Brayden Manikins
LFA First Response stock the award-winning Brayden CPR manikin which won the IF design award for the Medicine and Health category in 2016. This innovative CPR manikin uses animated LED lights under the skin to see how CPR gets the blood flowing to the brain and other organs. There are three sets of lights that give instant feedback on the depth of chest compressions, the blood circulation, and whether the CPR is reaching the brain. Brayden CPR manikins also feature a sophisticated ventilation system with realistic airflow, hygienic ventilation, realistic chest rise and latex-free skin. Brayden manikins come with a convenient travel bag that unzips to double as a CPR training mat.

LFA First Response provides first aid training supplies in Australia to be used in a wider variety of settings. For more information about our CPR training supplies or first aid training supplies, and would like a quick quote, contact LFA First Response today.

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