In addition to our range of fully stocked first aid kits, LFA First Response also supplies a number of empty first aid bags. From small portable first aid bumbags to large metal cabinets, we have a diverse range of empty first aid kits to add to your overall medical capabilities.

An empty first aid bag is great for creating your own personalised first aid kit which features supplies that you need. You may also be looking to increase the number of first aid bags that you have around your workplace, ensuring that there are multiple bags for your employees or personnel. 

These bags are also suitable replacements for damaged or old first aid kits that aren’t up to the task anymore. You should always monitor the condition of your first aid bags to ensure that they remain in sound condition and are not compromising the medical supplies inside.

Empty First Aid Box 

We also stock a number of empty first aid boxes and cabinets which can be installed in suitable areas in your workplace. The metal cabinets that we supply come in small, medium and large sizes, allowing you to stock them with suitable first aid supplies that match your needs. 

These are mountable cabinets so they can be placed strategically in medical bays, first aid rooms or other areas in your workplace. Make sure that all of your employees are aware of where these first aid boxes are located so that everyone knows exactly where to look in the event of an emergency. 

First Aid Bag Empty

If you’re looking for a first aid bag empty to fill with your emergency first aid supplies, choose LFA First Response. These bags allow you to store all of your supplies, ensuring you are well prepared for any injury, whether you’re out in a remote area or in the workplace.