Oxygen Masks

At LFA First Response, we stock high-quality oxygen masks which are utilised to ensure proper oxygen delivery to patients as they transfer oxygen from storage into the lungs. We have oxygen masks that fit both children and adults, and also provide oxygen tubing. 

Oxygen mask

We stock a range of oxygen masks which are used to transfer oxygen from an oxygen tank to the lungs. Ever oxygen mask is secure and comfortable to ensure minimal discomfort for patients. The adjustable nose clip allows for a customised fit and the thick elastic strap fits comfortably around the head. Our range of oxygen masks is available in both adult and child sizes, with the option of having two metres of oxygen tubing included. 

Nebuliser mask

LFA First Response stock nebuliser masks which can be used to deliver drugs in atomised form to the lungs. Nebuliser masks are commonly used for conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis and other respiratory conditions. Nebuliser masks help medication be delivered quickly and easily into the lungs to allow for easier breathing.

Non-rebreather oxygen mask

LFA First Response stock non-rebreather oxygen masks which help deliver oxygen quickly in an emergency situation. It includes a face mask which is connected to a reservoir bag of high concentration oxygen. The one-way valve then prevents exhaled air to mix with the oxygen.  Our non-rebreather masks also include oxygen tubing. 

Oxygen tubing

We stock two metre clear, flexible oxygen tubing which can be connected to the oxygen source and then to the cannula or oxygen mask. 

LFA First Response strives to ensure that you’re well prepared for any situation that may come your way with unbeatable quality and excellent customer service. For further details about our oxygen masks and tubing, contact LFA First Response today for a quick quote.

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