Disposable Aprons 800 x 1400mm Box 50

Category: SKU: DPEA500


LFA First Response stock disposable aprons which are manufactured from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and are waterproof, strong and lightweight. Our disposable plastic aprons have HACCP Australian Food Safety Certification for ongoing peace of mind and are the perfect option for a range of industries. Featuring high water resistance, our disposable aprons protect your clothes and skin against water-based liquids, mild acids and bases, bodily fluids, particulate matter, fibres, dirt, dust and grime. With a disposable apron, you can do your job safely without being worried about contamination. Widely used in the medical field, our disposable aprons are also used across a number of other sectors such as food preparation or veterinary practices. 

Our disposable plastic aprons come with two back ties and head loops for easy donning. Our disposable aprons are available in white or blue depending on your preference and are supplied in a box of 50. For more information about our disposable aprons Perth, speak with LFA First Response today.



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