Plastic Dressings

LFA First Response stock a range of plastic dressings including plastic strips, plastic extra-wide strips, plastic spots, junior plastic strips and assorted plastic strips. Our plastic dressings offer superior wound protection and are wash proof to ensure the area stays protected even when wet. Plastic dressings have a wide range of applications in a number of settings including first aid kits, schools, clinics, hospitals, GP practices, workplaces and the home. Plastic dressings are an essential first aid item and LFA First Response offer superior quality.

We carry high-quality plastic dressing which is a staple item for every first aid kit. Our plastic dressings are able to bend, stretch and conform to different shapes which makes them simple to apply. They are also air permeable, as well as wash proof, to ensure that the wound can breathe as it heals. They feature an embossed wound pad which allows for the blood to drain in the pockets of the dressing. The absorbent wound pad means that you don’t need to change the dressing as often. The adhesive edges also prevent curling and lifting at the edges.

When applying a plastic dressing, wash your hands thoroughly first. Stop bleeding by applying pressure to the wound and then gently clean the wound with soap and water or an antibacterial gel. Pat dry and then apply the dressing. Ensure that you follow the directions and seek medical assistance if necessary. Remember that signs of infection can include tenderness, redness, swelling or throbbing pain.

LFA First Response stocks wholesale and bulk medical supplies to a range of Australian industries. We offer unbeatable use-by dates on our consumable products so you get the most out of them for longer. To find out more about our range of plastic dressings, contact LFA First Response today.

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