Cohesive Bandages

LFA First Response stocks a range of cohesive bandages in varying sizes that have a range of applications. These cohesive bandages can be used in healthcare settings, schools, workplaces, and for personal use to assist with the appropriate treatment of wounds. Our cohesive bandages are premium quality and are simple to apply due to their ability to stick to themselves, not to skin. The versatile uses for cohesive bandages make them a welcome addition to any first aid kit.

Our cohesive bandages conform to the body and leave no sticky residue on the skin. They provide protection for wounds and also support joints and muscles. They have enough stretch to allow for movement and can be tightened or loosened depending on how much movement is required. Cohesive bandages can be torn so there is no need for scissors when applying first aid. They can also be reused due to the non-sticky nature of the bandage.

LFA First Response carries a wide range of bandages that can be used in a range of emergency and first aid situations. We stock cohesive bandages, conforming bandages, crepe bandages, triangular bandages and tubular bandages, along with a range of additional wound care items. We offer customised first aid kits for your workplace to ensure that you have all the products you need and that you’re complying with safety obligations.

LFA First Response stocks wholesale and bulk medical supplies to a range of Australian customers. We offer unbeatable use-by dates so you can be confident that you’re getting the most out of your products and provide speedy supply for optimal efficiency. For more information about our range of cohesive bandages, contact LFA First Response today. If you require a particular bandage that we don’t stock, just ask us and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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