Detectable Dressing Strip 8cm x 1m – Individual

Aero HealthCare
Category: SKU: AD1007B


The AeroPlast Premium Detectable plaster represents a top-tier solution, crafted without latex to cater to hypoallergenic needs. It stands out in the food manufacturing and processing realm due to its vibrant blue hue, easily discernible against food items, and its metal detectability, ensuring heightened security where metal detection equipment is in use.

Featuring a SupaSorb™ Wound Pad, it offers advanced wound management, channeling blood or exudates away for optimal healing. The SupaBond™ Adhesive secures the plaster firmly in place, resisting lifting or curling even in challenging environments. Its premium backing film forms a robust bacterial barrier, safeguarding against water, oil, and grease.

With a diverse range of sizes and configurations, including specialized options for various wound types, AeroPlast Detectable ensures comprehensive coverage for any application in the food processing industry. However, it’s essential to adhere to precautions, including changing the dressing regularly and seeking medical attention for severe wounds or burns. Remember, while AeroPlast Detectable provides reliable care, it should never replace professional medical assistance.


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