Zoll AutoPulse

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ZOLL Autopulse CPR Device

In the critical moments following a cardiac event, every second counts. Reliable equipment and precise action can mean the difference between life and death. At the forefront of cutting-edge medical technology stands the ZOLL Autopulse CPR Device, an innovative solution designed to address the pressing challenges faced by healthcare professionals, emergency responders and organisations dedicated to safety in cases of prolonged cardiac arrest.

Why Choose ZOLL?

For those in the healthcare industry, from paramedics to doctors, the name ZOLL is synonymous with innovation and excellence. The range of ZOLL Medical products are not just devices; they serve as a commitment to saving lives.

Why do we Need Automated CPR?

Both the 2015 AHA and ERC Guidelines suggest using automated CPR devices in scenarios where providing manual, high-quality CPR is difficult or not feasible. Such situations encompass prolonged CPR instances, often seen when CPR is administered on-site for extended durations, or when patients require transportation to the hospital while CPR is being continuously administered.

ZOLL AutoPulse Resuscitation System: Automating Excellence in CPR

This automated CPR machine alleviates one of the most significant pain points in emergencies: the need for continuous, high-quality chest compressions. With traditional manual CPR, there’s always a risk of inconsistency or fatigue. The ZOLL AutoPulse ensures that every compression is consistent, deep, and effective, vastly improving cardiac arrest outcomes.

Features and Benefits of the ZOLL Autopulse

  • Designed for resuscitation on the move
  • Delivers customised, high-quality CPR wherever you are
  • Simple to use – can be deployed in as little as 14 seconds
  • Battery operated
  • Can reduce interuptions to CPR by over 85% when compared to manual CPR

The Only Automated CPR Device Proven To Improve Survival in Prolonged CPR

The ZOLL Autopulse has been demonstrated to enhance survival rates in instances of extended CPR. In the most extensive randomised trial involving an automated CPR device, including over 4,700 patients, the Autopulse exhibited a substantial advantage in terms of survival compared to manual compression, particularly in resuscitation efforts lasting beyond 16 minutes. Given that approximately 70% of all cases in this trial extended beyond the 16-minute mark, the potential impact of the Autopulse in prolonged resuscitation scenarios is substantial.

Ease of Use in the Toughest Situations

In high-stress situations of cardiac arrest, simplicity is paramount. The ZOLL Automated CPR Machine is intuitively designed, ensuring that even in the heat of the moment, deployment is quick and straightforward. It’s an asset for seasoned medical professionals and first responders alike, ensuring that high-quality compressions are delivered swiftly and effectively when it matters most.

Rapid Response for Optimal Outcomes

Studies consistently indicate that continuous CPR significantly increases survival rates during cardiac arrest. With its streamlined design and efficient operation, the ZOLL Autopulse Machine delivers high-quality automated CPR, giving patients the best chance of recovery.

Safety and Reliability When it Counts

From hospitals to schools, gyms, and public places, safety is paramount. The ZOLL Autopulse CPR Machine, with its innovative build and simple deployment method, ensures that you’re not just getting a device, but a partner you can trust in the most critical moments.

Ordering Through LFA First Response

As one of Australia’s leading wholesale medical supplies companies LFA First Response is proud to offer the ZOLL Autopulse as part of our commitment to excellence in healthcare supplies. Our expertise in medical supplies ensures that when you choose LFA, you’re choosing quality, reliability, and unparalleled customer service.
To purchase or learn more about the ZOLL Autopulse, and how it can benefit your organisation, reach out to LFA First Response today.