The Modulator – 4 Series Workplace Plus Kit Metal Cabinet

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The Modulator – 4 Series Workplace Plus metal cabinet kit is the ideal choice in preparing your workplace for any medical issue it may face. This comprehensive metal cabinet first aid kit complies with the Safework Code of Practice for Workplaces.

The cabinet is split into 6 distinct modules, each containing supplies to deal with a specific type of injury. Namely, these sections are:

  • Eye Wound Module – Contains supplies such as eyewash kits, eye pads, treatment card and a conforming bandage.
  • Trauma Module – Contains supplies such as gauze swabs, wound dressings, emergency rescue blanket and bandages.
  • Burns Module – Contains supplies such as burn gel sachets, burn sheets and dressings.
  • Snake Bite Module – Contains supplies such as low adherent dressings, snake bite treatment leaflet and bandages.
  • Dressing & Bandage Module – Contains supplies such as conforming bandages, wound dressings and gauze swabs.
  • Cuts & Grazes Module – Contains supplies such as antiseptic spray, dressings, tweezers and scissors.

For full details on the kit’s content, please refer to the Modulator Content List

Colour Coded

Each section has a distinct colour and easy to read label, making it easy to quickly find the appropriate materials in an emergency situation. Additionally, all of these modules are securely closed with velcro tabs, allowing for quicker access to supplies.

The metal cabinet can be fixed into position in a convenient and sensible central location, such as an office medical bay. This ensures that your workplace and employees know exactly where to look to find the correct supplies when a medical issue may arise.

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If you are looking for a manoeuvrable option, LFA First Response also stocks the soft pack 4 Series Workplace Plus Kit, which features a padded handle for quick and simple portability. Get in touch with the friendly team at LFA First Response today for a quote on your medical supplies needs.

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Dimensions 10 cm