Remote First Aid Kit

LFA First Response stocks a range of remote area first aid kits for situations where you find yourself in a remote area. Whether you’re into camping, four-wheel driving, caravanning, hiking or work in a remote location, we have remote first aid kits to suit your needs. From small hikers first aid kits for day trips into the bush to a deluxe trauma kit for remote work, LFA First Response has you covered.

LFA First Response stock a hiker first aid kit which comes in a convenient softpack for when you venture out for a day trip. 

We also carry an off-road survival kit which is packed with essential items, including a snake bite bandage. 

For the ultimate convenience, we stock a remote location backpack for easy transportation. 

For a comprehensive remote first aid kit for situations where help will be over an hour away, we have our Trauma Deluxe Kit which is complete with a large range of quality first aid products. 

Given that being in a remote area means that you need to travel further for assistance, it’s essential that you have a full remote first aid kit on hand. Just some of the hazards you could face in more remote areas include snake bites, sprains, strains, fractures, burns, trauma wounds, grazes and abrasion, eye injuries and exposure to heat and cold. Whatever risks you’re faced with, you can choose a remote first aid kit that offers the medical products you require.

At LFA First Response, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we stock a variety of first aid kids for different scenarios, including remote area first aid kits. We pride ourselves on our high-quality products and competitive prices. For more information about our first aid kits for remote areas, speak with LFA First Response today.

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