Sanitation Products

LFA First Response stock sanitation products such as Milton antibacterial tablets and solution which has been used in hospitals and homes for generations due to its ability to sterilise surfaces and baby items. We also carry SureAqua products, who lead the market when it comes to portable water filtration items. We also provide a range of portable sanitation items which have a wide range of uses. 

GO Anywhere Complete System

We stock the Go Anywhere complete system which includes:

1 x GO anywhere portable toilet
1 x GO anywhere privacy shelter
15 x GO anywhere toilet kits
1 x large transport bag for used toilet kits
1 x backpack with padded straps to store all the above items

GO Anywhere Portable Toilet

LFA First Response stock the GO Anywhere portable toilet which is a premium quality toilet which can support up to 226kg and stands approximately 36cm off the floor, which is similar to a household toilet. The fold-out legs make it stable even on uneven ground. 

GO Anywhere Toilet Kit

We also stock the GO Anywhere toilet kit which is useful where bathroom facilities are unavailable. Each kit contains Poo Powder, which is designed to gel and solidify waste to a solid. Available in packs of 12. 

LFA First Response provides an unparalleled combination of quality and competitive prices which makes us an industry leader when it comes to wholesale supplies of sanitation products in the Australian medical industry. 

LFA First Response carries a range of high-quality sanitation products which can be useful during longer search and rescue situations and a number of other outdoor scenarios such as camping and caravanning. From complete portable toilet systems to antibacterial solutions and water sanitisation products, LFA First Response has your sanitation requirements covered. 

For further details about our range of sanitation items, contact LFA First Response today. 

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