Brayden CPR Manikin

Category: SKU: IM13-R


The innovative Brayden Manikin has won the iF design award for the Medicine & Health category 2016!

The quality of design and effective function are widely recognised in this award.

As with any training, the most effective form of learning is using animated visual tools to assist in memory retention. Brayden brings both to the table, showing the effective of compression depth and speed and their correlation to effective blood flow to the brain.

Unique in ability the Brayden is undoubtedly the best manikin for the ultimate CPR Learning experience.

When choosing a CPR Manikin, consider the importance of a cpr manikin with visual feedback to assist learning.

Kit Includes :1 x Manikin 10 x Face shields 1 x Spare face 1 x Padded Carry bag 1 x Spare Lung Pack 6 x Batteries



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