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Snake Bite Kit

LFA First Response carries a snake bite kit Australia which makes an excellent addition to any first aid kit and is an essential addition if you’re heading into the Australia bush. Our snake bite kit contains a snake bite bandage for snake or funnel-web spider bites, an instant ice pack for minor spider bites and other stings, a marker pen to identify the site of the bite on the bandage, and additional dressings and bandages.

Our snake bite first aid kit contains the snake bite compression bandage which includes indicators that ensure the correct compression on limbs following a bite. This ensures that first aid is carried out effectively in emergency situations. The additional dressings and bandages can be used for additional compression or for the treatment of minor bites and stings. The ice pack can assist in relieving pain and reducing swelling.

Snake Bite Kit Instructions

In the event of a snake bite, the first thing to do is ensure the patient stays as calm and still as possible. Place the snake bite compression bandage over the bite and should be applied tightly enough that you can’t slide a finger underneath. Next, a further bandage should be applied to as much of the limb as possible starting from the fingers or toes of the affected limb. The limb should then be splinted on either side of the bite. Keep the person immobilised until help arrives and use a pen to mark the site of the bite.

LFA First Response Australia offers a range of first aid kits, including our snake bite first aid kit, which can be used in hospital, clinic, school, workplace or home settings. We also provide customised first aid kits if you require a specialist kit. For more information about our survival snake bite kit, contact LFA First Response today.

Bag Size: 17 x 6 x 19cm

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