Stryker M1 Ambulance Stretcher

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LFA First Response stock the top-level Stryker M1 ambulance stretcher which offers great maneuverability and versatile patient transfer for your ambulance. As a roll-in stretcher, the M1 takes the load off the workers as there is a reduction in the amount of lifting involved when loading and unloading a patient. 

  • The load capacity of the M1 stretcher is 227kg and it allows for one person to operate the stretcher easily without assistance. 
  • The M1 also gives you the ability to shift the cot into a shock, flat leg or optional knee gatch position. 
  • Another key feature is the oversized stretcher wheels for a lower rolling force, again making it easier for one person to operate the stretcher, particularly on inclines or rougher terrain. 
  • All of the essential mechanisms on the stretcher are sealed off to keep the dust and dirt from negatively impacting the parts. 

The Stryker M1 stretcher can assist with lowering the risk of harming the patient when lowering and lifting up the stretcher during transfer. This patient transfer process is critical for the health of the patient and you’ll need precise equipment and a reliable stretcher to ensure the medical professionals are conducting their work in a safe and efficient manner. 

Giving The Operator Greater Control

Featuring four lift handles at each handle, the M1 gives the operator greater control when transferring a patient from the ambulance to a medical facility. It also is useful for environments where there is limited room and where you need to quickly change grips on the Stryker stretcher. 

If you are looking for a Stryker M1, please get in touch with the team at LFA First Response for a quick quote today. Otherwise, if you are looking for an alternative Stryker stretchers to the Stryker M1, we also stock the Stryker Power Pro XPS Stretcher which makes patient transfer even simpler.