Blue Visual Standard Strip Dessing – Box 100

Category: SKU: AV2000


The AeroPlast Premium Visual plaster is an exclusive latex-free, hypoallergenic, visually detectable adhesive designed specifically for use in the retail food industry and non-commercial food preparation settings.

Easily Identifiable:
AeroPlast Premium Visual is presented in a vibrant blue color, intentionally chosen as it does not naturally occur in food, ensuring easy detection.

SupaSorb™ Wound Pad:
Featuring an embossed wound pad, it excels in wound management by channeling blood or exudates into pockets within the pad. The highly absorbent nature minimizes dressing changes, safeguarding the wound from additional harm. SupaSorb™ keeps the wound site clean and comfortable, with a non-adherent film reducing pain and trauma during dressing changes.

SupaBond™ Adhesive:
Exclusively crafted for unparalleled adhesion, SupaBond adhesive ensures secure attachment, preventing lift-up or edge curling. The unique film and adhesive specifications guarantee reliability, even in wet, steam-filled, or hot environments, preventing separation from the wearer.

Premium Plaster Backing Film:
Utilizing cutting-edge film technology, AeroPlast Visual creates a bacterial barrier, resisting the penetration of water, oil, and grease. The larger standard plaster size enhances wound isolation.

It is recommended to change the dressing daily or more frequently based on the wound’s condition. Apply and remove with care on sensitive or fragile skin. For serious wounds and burns, seek immediate medical advice. Discontinue use and consult a physician if redness or discomfort occurs.