AllergyCovid-19 ProtectionFirst AidInformativePreventive Health Winter Guide to Sore Throats

Winter Guide to Sore Throats: Types, Causes, Prevention and Treatments

Winter is approaching, and with it comes an increase in colds and flus circulating in workplaces and the broader community. One particularly common symptom of these illnesses is a sore throat. Understanding the different potential causes of a sore throat can help you manage and mitigate this discomfort more effectively during the colder months.

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AllergyCovid-19 ProtectionFirst AidInformativePreventive Health What Causes a Sore Throat

What Causes a Sore Throat? Causes & Remedies

While sore throats can strike at any time of year, they are more common in the winter months. The cold, wet weather leads to people spending more time inside, which increases the chance of spreading illness. Understanding what causes a sore throat, and how to determine the cause behind a sore throat.

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Covid-19 ProtectionFirst AidInformativePreventive HealthTraining Properly Use a Thermometer

How to Properly Use a Thermometer to Read Body Temperature

One part of an immune response the body may undergo when sick is an increase in body temperature, which is known as a fever. Let’s take a look at how to use a thermometer, the different kinds of thermometers, and how to regulate body temperature.

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