Absorbent Spill Powder 10kg

Category: SKU: ZEO-Z00510


ZeoMed clean-up powder is a remarkable product with multiple benefits. As a quick-acting, natural absorbent, it efficiently tackles toxic and noxious odours. Being made from 100% natural mineral, it is not only ecologically safe but also completely non-toxic.

Its absorbent properties play a crucial role in coagulating spills by efficiently soaking up excess moisture. The best part is that ZeoMed clean-up powder has no shelf life, meaning it does not expire and remains effective indefinitely.

ZeoMed is the ultimate solution for locations prone to various spill risks, from biohazard and chemical spills to general slip and fall hazards involving cooking oils or detergents. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of establishments, including laboratories, supermarkets, shopping centers, and restaurants. The convenient 10kg tub ensures you have an ample supply to address spills effectively and keep your environment safe and clean.


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