Anaphylaxis Kit with Adrenaline Ampoules

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This Anaphylaxis kit has been custom designed with radiologists and other medical technicians in mind. This product was developed to be used in the case of an anaphylactic emergency during a medical consultation. This kit is easy to grab and go as well as administer in a time of need by a trained technician.

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  • 1 x Case 13cm x 21cm x 7.5cm
  • 2 x Drawing Up Blunt Needle 18G x 38mm
  • 2 x Terumo AGANI Hypodermic Needles 23G x 32mm
  • 2 x Terumo AGANI Hypodermic Needles 21G x 50mm
  • 2 x Syringe Luer Lock 3ml
  • 2 x Adrenaline Ampoules 1/1000mg 1ml


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