Asthma Bum Bag

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Our Asthma Emergency Kit bag is a convenient and safe bag for the storage of Asthma medication, unopened single-use spacers and face masks. This bag is ideal for use in schools, childcare sites and other workplaces.

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Being prepared in the event of an asthma attack is absolutely vital, as you want a clear and easy to access place to find your asthma medication when the situation arises. Using a convenient asthma emergency kit bag allows for a convenient all-in-one kit that you can place alongside other first aid room equipment.


In addition to having an asthma emergency kit bag on hand at all times, your workplace or school must have someone who is trained in first aid present as well. Once you’ve filled your bag with the appropriate asthma medication and equipment, it’s important to regularly check in on the condition of the equipment. In addition, you want to keep an eye on the use-by-dates as you don’t want to find an expired product in the event of an emergency.

Before administering any medical attention – you must assess the severity of the asthma attack. Whether it’s a mild attack where someone is having a little difficulty breathing or if it’s very severe in which the person is clearly distressed and struggling to breathe, you may need to request urgent medical attention straight away.

Stay Prepared With An Asthma Emergency Kit Bag

For more details on our asthma action kit bag, feel free to get in touch with the friendly team at LFA First Response today. Likewise, if you find your asthma emergency kit bag or other first aid kits need a top-up, we also stock first aid kit refills online. We can help to accommodate any custom orders or needs that you may have.


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