Bacterial Filter Mini HME W/Port

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Providing users with a high-efficiency Heat and Moisture Exchange Filter (HMEF) for respiratory systems enclosed in a transparent housing, facilitating easy inspection for secretion buildup.

Conforming to ISO standards, the conical fittings ensure secure connections, guaranteeing safety.

Our Bacterial/Viral Filter is incredibly effective, with a filtration rate exceeding 99.99%, effectively preventing the transmission of infectious particles within the ventilation systems, machinery, and manual resuscitators.

Efficient humidification prevents the accumulation of moisture in the tubing, thereby reducing the likelihood of bacterial colonization in the equipment and circuits.

This, in turn, minimizes the risk of cross-infection among patients and hospital staff, eliminating the need for water traps and their associated maintenance.

The dry and filtered gas safeguards sampling tubes and analyzers against moisture and potential contamination.

The initial setup process is straightforward, quick, and secure, and we offer a variety of options to ensure the selection of the right device for your needs.

It is recommended to replace the HMEF every 24 hours or more frequently if resistance increases.


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