Basket Aviation Stretcher 645 x 210 x 1260mm

Aero HealthCare
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Basket Stretchers

LFA First Response stock basket aviation stretchers which are ideal for many air and dangerous terrain rescue operations. They offer a lightweight yet highly durable solution when it comes to patient recovery situations, such as airlifting and transporting via helicopter. Our basket stretchers include additional fittings to ensure additional support and safety and are ideal for use in remote settings.

Our basket stretchers are simple to transport and deploy for minimal fuss and can be folded in a number of ways. Our basket stretcher fitting includes additional sling equipment, and the materials are fireproof and highly resistant to wear and corrosion. The maximum load is 205kg. We help ensure that you are prepared with all of the medical supplies you may need. With a wide range of first response products, we understand the importance of providing high-quality supplies.

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