Calcium Gluconate Gel 50g Tube

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For the treatment of Hydrofluoric acid burns.

Directions for Use
Seek urgent medical advice. Take patient to nearest hospital. Treatment of a hydrofluoric acid burn should be initiated as soon as possible. The burn may not become evident immediately, since there is a gradual precipitation of intracellular calcium but if treatment is not initiated, the hydrogen fluoride continues to diffuse through the skin and damages underlying tissues. The first line of treatment should be to remove contaminated clothing and flush the affected area thoroughly with water, for at least 15 minutes, to remove residual hydrofluoric acid. Calcium Gluconate Gel should then be applied immediately. Apply the gel repeatedly to the area and massage into tissues until 15 minutes after the pain has completely subsided. A thick necrotic coagulum may form and this may act as a barrier to prevent the penetration of the gel into underlying tissues. In this case, the necrotic tissue should be excised and the gel should be massaged into the bone and underlying tissues using aseptic procedures. Once pain has subsided, the burn should be covered with gel and a sterile dressing. Pain may recur later, especially following burns with dilute hydrofluoric acid and in this case, treatment should be symptomatic.




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