Carbosorb X Oral Susp Bottle 250ml (Activated Charcoal for Poisoning)

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Carbosorb Solution


LFA First Response stock Carbosorb X which is used to treat prolonged poisoning or drug overdose if the substance has been taken orally. Carbosorb solution contains activated charcoal which has the ability to absorb drugs and toxic agents. Carbosorb X will not work with all drugs or poisons as the charcoal will not absorb all substances. 

Carbosorb solution should be administered as soon as possible after the oral ingestion of the poison as the charcoal will only absorb substances that have not yet been absorbed by the digestive tract. For optimal effectiveness, it should be administered within an hour of poison ingestion. Shake well before use and use only as directed. Your healthcare professional will advise how much Carbosorb solution you need to ingest and generally only a single dose is required. 


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