Compostable Greeny Underpad – Medium – Box of 250

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Conventional Bluey and Pinky underpads, with their plastic backing, play a crucial role in healthcare, but they have faced criticism for being environmentally unfriendly and prone to causing discomfort due to excessive moisture.

These widely used consumables undergo significant turnover. An audit conducted by the sustainable healthcare advocacy group TRA2SH5 in various Australian hospitals revealed the annual usage of Blueys ranging from 15,600 to 96,000 per site, amounting to approximately 75 million Blueys (over 1,950 tonnes) across 1,350 hospitals in Australia. Disposal in landfills takes over 100 years for these plastic-backed underpads to break down. This figure doesn’t even include the larger and thicker Pinkies.

In contrast to traditional plastic underpads, the Greeny serves the same essential functions:

  1. Trapping and containing liquids to safeguard bedding, clothing, and surfaces from contamination.
  2. Providing an absorbent surface for clinical procedures.

However, the Greeny goes beyond that, offering distinctive features:

  1. Compliance with AS 4736 compostability standards, thanks to a cornstarch-based bioplastic backing and a 5-ply paper fluff pulp top layer sourced from responsibly managed forests.
  2. 60% more absorbent and 14 times more breathable than 5-ply Blueys.
  3. 63% better sweat management than Pinkies, reducing the risk of skin breakdown and associated injuries due to higher water vapor permeability.

These qualities enable Greenies to remain in place for extended periods, reducing underpad turnover. This results in a safer, more comfortable patient experience while minimizing the environmental impact.

  • Box of 250pcs (5 bags of 50pcs)
  • Approximate Weight: 29g each
  • Total fluid holding capacity: Approximately 200ml
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm


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