Fabric Dressing Roll 6cm x 1m

Aero HealthCare
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The AeroPlast™ Premium Weight Fabric Adhesive Bandage offers superior durability with our SupaBond™ extra-strong adhesive, recommended for situations requiring a long-lasting, high-quality dressing.

SupaBond Adhesive
Crafted exclusively for unparalleled adhesion, SupaBond™ adhesive ensures a secure hold without lifting or curling at the edges. Latex-free and residue-free, it maintains a clean application, distinguishing it from traditional heavy-duty fabric plasters.

SupaSorb™ Wound Pad
Featuring a SupaSorb™ wound pad, this bandage excels in wound management by effectively draining blood or exudates into its absorbent pockets. This minimizes the need for frequent dressing changes while protecting the wound from further harm. Comfort is enhanced with its non-adherent film, reducing pain and trauma during dressing changes.

Conforming and Air Permeable Heavy Duty Fabric Backing
Designed for heavy-duty use, the AEROPLAST™ Premium Fabric dressing conforms seamlessly to body contours, making it ideal for industries like manufacturing. Its superior adhesion and breathability ensure cleanliness and comfort, even in challenging conditions.

Comprehensive Range of Sizes
From specialized fingertip and knuckle dressings to large and small patches, our AEROPLAST™ Premium Fabric line offers a solution for every application. With our range, wounds receive optimal care and protection.

Dressings should be changed daily or as needed based on wound condition. Careful application and removal are advised, especially on sensitive or fragile skin. Seek immediate medical attention for serious wounds or burns. Discontinue use and consult a physician if redness or discomfort occurs.

This product complements, but does not replace, direct medical attention from a healthcare professional.


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